10 Reasons Why Women Moan (Or Scream) During Sex

A couple of nights a week, I hear my next door neighbor having sex. At first, I honestly thought it was one of her little yappy dogs barking, but then I realized it was her moaning in pleasure. I could also hear her boyfriend smacking her on the ass, making her moan even more. It occurs to me that yelling, “Who’s your daddy?!” through the wall would be a bit inappropriate, although highly tempting, so I usually just bang on the wall a couple of times after they’ve finished their noisy sex and begun their noisy arguing. It seems to be their rhythm.

I also wonder if they ever hear me having sex on those rare occasions I get laid.

Do I moan? Yes. Do they hear it? I have no idea. But the real question is: Even if they do hear it, could I NOT moan? What causes women to moan when they have sex?

I’ve narrowed it down to these 10 reasons. While I know I’m probably missing a reason or two, this list is based on personal experience and interviews with other moaning women. I did not interview my neighbor; that would be awkward. Take a look at this list and see if one of these numbers is yours.

1. Automatic Response to Pleasure


One of the most common reasons women moan during sex is simply because it’s an automatic response to pleasure. Just like sighing when you sink into a hot tub, the pleasure you get from sex can cause an audible and involuntary response.


2. Automatic Response to Pain

Of course, women also moan in pain. If your man is going a little too rough, or he’s hitting that place inside you that feels uncomfortable, or even if you’ve suddenly developed a leg cramp, you’re just as likely to moan in response to pain during sex just as you are in response to pleasure during sex.

3. To Increase Your Libido

It’s hard to move past the day and get over the stress of real life. Even during sex, some of those emotions can seep into your brain, or you could just be so overwhelmed with things to do that you’re busy concentrating on the grocery list and not the sex. Moaning is a way of getting your head back in the game so to speak. By moaning, you take your mind off your chores and put it back into the sex where it belongs—which is exactly where it should be.

4. To Make Him Feel GoodSource:

Have you ever had sex with someone who was completely silent? It’s… well, it’s a letdown to be honest. I had a lover who never moaned in pleasure, never even made a noise during sex, and I couldn’t help but feel like I was doing something wrong or that he wasn’t enjoying it (even though he was). It’s weird when they’re silent.

Moaning is a way of reassuring your lover that he or she is pleasing you. You use all of your senses to have sex, and your audial senses should not be ignored! It’s important to make noises of pleasure so your partner isn’t put off thinking the wring thing by silence. Believe me, men love those little moans (and some even prefer the loud ones!).

Actually, you can’t imagine how responsive men are just to the sound of your voice (and the naughty words that come out). And if you’re not completely confident about your dirty-taking skills, the surest way to tell him how good he makes you feel is to moan louder (but in a more erotic, natural way… never make a guy wonder if you’re faking it).

5. To Change His Sexual Tone

If you think of moaning as a way of expressing yourself without words, then it’s easy to see how moaning can change your man’s sexual rhythm. If you’re moaning in pleasure and then he starts doing something you don’t enjoy, you change your moan to more of an uncomfortable sound…and he changes his sex style back to something you like. It’s a way of guiding him without actually “telling” him what to do. He uses this method on you as well; it really works both ways.

6. To Hurry Things up

Some men are so aroused by your sex sounds that the more you give them, the faster they orgasm. I’ll admit: I’ve “faked” an orgasm once or twice by making some pleasurable noises for a man. It happens.

Sometimes the sex has just lasted so long you’re exhausted and want him to be finished already. Sometimes you’re just not getting off and want him to hurry up so you can get on with whatever it is you were doing. As much as we’d like to think sex is always perfect…it’s not. Moaning can increase his orgasm time when you need it.

7. To Slow Things Down

Of course, if you know how to do it right, you can also change the rhythm of your body and the sound of your moan so that your lover slows down before he orgasms too quickly! If you’ve ever had a lover who makes things a bit too quick, moaning can be a good way of shifting his rhythm to give you more time in bed.

8. To Make it Hotter

Sex is hot. Sex is wet. Sex is messy. Noisy, loud, raunchy sex is even hotter!

9. To Turn Him on Even More


If your guy is having a hard time getting aroused, moaning softly in pleasure as he kisses you can give him just the nudge his libido needs to get into the moment and more in the mood. A soft moan of pleasure works wonders before you’ve even taken off your clothes. Better yet, see how crazy he goes when you moan while having him in your mouth (just one of the ways to make your blowjobs fantastic).

10. Because Silence is a Mood Killer

Finally, women moan during sex because silence is a mood killer. No, really it is. Plus, it takes a lot more work to keep quiet than it does to just release your inhibitions and enjoy yourself audibly.

Don’t be silent; express your pleasure. After all, don’t you like it when he moans for you?

6 Ways To Make The Best Of A Long Distance Relationship

Long distance relationships are scary to say the least. They can cause lots of worry and stress. However, they can also strengthen a relationship by making you realize what you already know about each other and your strength as a couple but in a completely different way.

Don’t get me wrong: they are extremely tough due to various factors such as conflicting schedules, time zone differences and the fact that you are far apart from each other and can’t see one another in person. Nothing compares to being with the actual person, and as daunting as the idea of a long distance relationship is, there are ways to get through it and make the best of it.

1. Visit

loving couple in the city in the fall

Try to plan a trip so you and your partner can get together in person, go out and have fun not over the phone but in person. Not being able to see the person and hold hands, or have an actual conversation face-to-face while going out and doing things you and your partner love to do is the hardest part of a long distance relationship.

Let’s face it: if you are in a long distance relationship, it means you are still a couple, and you plan on being together; you did not break up because of distance; instead, you decided to make it work. So, try to plan trips to visit each other as it’ll be a booster for both of you and will make things much easier

2. Technology is advantageous

Thankfully, in today’s day and age, there are what I like to call the handy helpers. This includes cell phones to text and phone with along with the handy apps like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, Facetime/Skype and Facebook Messenger. No matter the distance or time zones, you can use all of these apps to stay in contact and share your life with your partner even though they are far away.

Thanks to the advances of technology, it is so easy to quickly write a message and send it so the other person can see it almost right away. It’s also very easy to send a picture of what’s going on with the weather, your outfit, what you are eating or even what you are doing—you can even send some sexy images if you want to. Regardless of the apps you use, all that matters is that you use the technology you have in the best ways for your relationship.

3. Communication is key

Long Distance Love

This is the most important part of a long distance relationship. If you can’t communicate effectively, you are guaranteed to fight and feel sad, disconnected and not part of the person’s world. Just because your partner is far away does not mean that you should stop telling them everything. In relationships as a whole, it is crucial to be open and honest about every single thing and to talk about anything and everything.

This is a given for any relationship, but when it comes to distance, it’s crucial. Since you aren’t close to each other distance wise, you need to talk more about your days, what you’ve done and what’s going on because the person isn’t there to see it for themselves. Communicating is also important because it keeps your partner informed so that they are aware of your world and can also be supportive of you.

4. Wear your heart on your sleeve

It is important not only to talk about any worries you have due to the distance, but also to talk about how you feel about each other so that you and your partner can feel at ease and know that what you have is still going.

Being romantic, affectionate and emotional is crucial, so share your thoughts as it will let the person know that they are missed and loved. Be honest about your feelings and even talk about fond memories and how you are excited to get back to doing things when you see each next other.

5. Plan

picture of teenage girl with laptop computer 3

Plan for the future: you are still in a relationship despite the distance, and you should figure out and plan what you will do and where you will go next as your relationship continues to grow.

Distance doesn’t put a relationship on hold—it still happens even though it is harder, but you should still plan for the future and enjoy it because that future can very well happen. Who knows: maybe those plans involve you not being far away for much longer.

6. Write notes

Writing a collection of notes labeled “open when” with special occasions such as birthdays or for when they’re sad, sick, tired, lonely, need a kiss or before their big event are also great ideas. If you aren’t able to get the letters there, send them as text messages—just send them on the day that they are specified for.

Long distance relationships are hard, but they can be made easier and you can still make the best of them. You can’t change the distance (yet), so at least make the best of it by using these tips because if you’re still together despite the distance, that says a lot, and it definitely shows that you are committed to the relationship, you trust your partner and you want things to work and so do they.

If you have any other tips on how to make the best of a long distance relationship, feel free to share!

7 Ways To Stay Positive While Waiting For The Perfect Man

Dating can be an exciting time at first. As you discover that each date ends in unpleasant or disappointing circumstances, negativity fills the heart. Don’t get discouraged.

The happiness shown in movies does exist, but it takes more persistence to find. Toss your jaded feelings to the side and channel positivity. These tips will show you how.

It’s time for a reality check

Man having fun with digital tablet during a date with a beautiful woman

TV shows, books, movies and positive stories show us that true love exists. Unlike in movies, the love of your life doesn’t arrive in an unexpected manner. Stop dreaming.

Reality is nothing like Hollywood. Several people may come your way before you meet the right person, so mingle and engage here and now. Read books and stories related to dating advice from a man’s perspective. Failed relationships prepare you to find the right person.


It’s about selection, not rejection

How can some women find love and others can’t? It’s all about selection. Those women know what they want. Their standards are high and they will not yield for anything less. Specifically, they strategize.

Their plan of action includes desires, expectations, deal-breakers and boundaries. Their pace is slow, and they don’t let anyone talk them into grabbing someone because the family or friends approve. Selection makes you positive because you won’t settle.

Likewise, extreme selectivity is why some can’t find dates. Examples of this include listing a certain height, hair color or income—the unrealistic standards eliminate too many people. A superhero doesn’t exist.

The average person won’t cater to you every second of the day, and no single person will meet all 200 requirements on your list. Return to earth with realistic expectations for men.

Shake it off

Happy curly haired girl dancing in kitchen wildly hair bouncing wearing pajamas at home photos on fridge

Since dating is selection, shake off bad dates. Easier said than done, right? Ladies, we take bad dates personally. You tried to compromise, but it doesn’t work well with everyone, so you let go.

Don’t let bad dates consume you. Move on to the next date, concentrate on errands, listen to music or cry it out with family and friends. Get the moody funk out.

In return, never take bad moods to a dating scene. It turns the mood sour before it gets going, and a potential mate is gone because of the bad day. Therefore, shake off any frustrations that may have occurred during the day prior to the date.

Get a life

Is the dating world your whole life or part of it? Enjoy life. Make money at work, hang out with friends, chat with family, browse social media, enjoy nature, exercise, find a hobby and run errands. Bills are due and chores are incomplete. Life doesn’t revolve around finding a significant other.

Think outside the box

In Hollywood, it takes one meaty role to break away from the typecast box. In the dating world, it’s easy to remain complacent. Break stereotyping by breaking your habits. Find dates in a different venue.

Dress differently (remain respectful). Date a different type of person. This person will still meet the standards but have different interests. Try a different activity on the date. Break the standards mentally set by you and go in a different direction.

Leave temporarily

Pretty young woman relaxing in the hot tub

The dating world becomes overwhelming when we expect the world immediately. An alternative instance is being frustrated with attracting the same kind of person. If the dating world is burning you out, leave.

Set a beginning and end during the temporary vacation. Make yourself happy with a bubble bath, massage, or doing your favorite hobby. However, during that time, analyze yourself.

What are you doing to attract these kinds of people? If you can’t analyze your behavior, your family and friends will. The responses will hurt, but if you listen to the message and not voice tone, you can rebound with a renewed purpose.

Rediscover purpose

What is the reason for plunging into the dating scene? An unsatisfactory answer is ‘to find a lover.’ ‘To feel complete’ is wrong because you can be complete on your own.

Dig deeper for the answer. Channel your personality and emotion for answers. Consider the benefits of companionship to solve the mystery. Why is it important? How does that answer transform your life?

Dating is a journey. Each date is a learning lesson about expectations, toleration and limitations. A failed relationship isn’t the end; it’s the beginning. Use failed relationships as a guide.

Become selective. If selection overrides desperation and people pleasing, we will find happiness. In turn, women need to become open-minded. Shutting out people due to appearance or for materialistic reasons means you’re skipping someone who could be the one for you.

Does your dating life need positive reinforcement? Do the positive tips do the trick? Let’s talk about it. Share your experiences below and don’t forget to share this across your social media channels.

Things Guys Notice When They First Meet You

No matter what the conditions are, it’s a pivotal moment that will undoubtedly shape the way he views you. There are things happening on many different levels, consciously and subconsciously.

Although some of them are things us men are not even aware of, they still mold our opinion of you. Here’s an inside look at what guys are thinking and feeling when they meet you for the first time

Eye contact

cute woman standing outside looking at her boyfriend in background with a warm smile

Eye contact is the most important thing. If you meet a guy and for some reason don’t look him in the eye, he will feel like he hasn’t even met you yet, and in a big way, he hasn’t. If you don’t look him in the eye, he hasn’t had the chance to communicate attraction, unless of course, he takes action to make it obvious in another way, which is unlikely.

Once you do establish eye contact, trust your gut. You of all people will know if he likes you. Did he give you a deep look or a fleeting glance? If he thinks you’re really beautiful, he might purposefully ignore you in an effort to draw your interest.

That’s assuming he’s playing some kind of game. If he gives you little to no attention at all, he’s either not interested at all or extremely interested and is using his willpower to avoid looking at you.

He may think that showing too much interest in the beginning of getting to know someone can be unattractive. If this is the case, he’ll drop the game altogether and head straight for you when he feels the time is right.

The shape of your body

This might be the first thing guys notice about women. We can notice your body type with peripheral vision only. If a woman has an attractive figure, we will turn and look based on what we saw from our peripheral vision.

If we find your body attractive for whatever reason, that’s often the start of our interest in you, but not always. Different guys are into different things. Most guys really do care about personality. A beautiful body is just a big bonus.

Your face

Young couple on first date drinking coffee

We notice things like the shape of your lips, the color of your eyes; just the basic physical features of your face. Guys don’t really have a big hang up about any one particular thing regarding a woman’s face. You’ll probably never hear a guy point out one particular facial feature and rule out all women who look that way or don’t look that way.

Your voice

Not only the sound of your voice but especially the intonation used when you say hello if any. We will definitely remember the way you greeted us and what you said after that. That will be the foundation for how we might imagine any dialogue with you in the future. Even if all you said was, “Hi,” that one sound will stick with us until we have a chance to speak to you again.

Body language

We definitely pay attention to whether or not you adjust yourself, play with your hair, anything like that. We notice how close in proximity to us you seem to feel comfortable with. We look for indicators of interest, anything that tells us you want to talk to us.

What you’re wearing

Business couple walking trough passage

Guys like clothes that make you look sexy or cute, but we don’t really care that much beyond that. We don’t care at all about the brand, who designed it, or where you bought it. We don’t care much about your shoes either.

Some women have a huge obsession with shoes. Men barely notice what kind of shoes you have on. The only people who are really noticing your shoes are other women. We are aware that women really notice our shoes, though.

The feel of your hand

We pay attention to the way you shake our hand, the way your hand feels in our, and the texture of your skin, but most of the really important things we notice occur elsewhere, lie in the eye contact.

Although not all guys think the same way, we seem to have similar impressions when we meet women, especially those we are interested in. Most importantly, we look for signs that you’re interested in us too, but the number one thing is most definitely eye contact.



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Best Looks: Sasha and Malia Obama Sasha and Malia soak up the last few weeks of summer.

Chelsea line up for tommorow`s match

Eden Hazard and Oscar are expected to start against West Ham
Eden Hazard and Oscar are expected to start against West Ham

Chelsea begin their 2016/17 Premier League campaign with a Monday Night Football clash against London rivals West Ham.

It will be Antonio Conte’s first competitive game at the helm, but how will the Italian set up his side at Stamford Bridge?

From goalkeeper to strikers, we take a look at Chelsea’s options ahead of the big kick-off…

Is this how Chelsea will line up against West Ham?
Is this how Chelsea will line up against West Ham?

MANCHESTER UNITED VS BOURNEMOUTH match statistics and prediction

Kick-off: Sunday, 1.30pm

Odds (subject to change):

Bournemouth 10/3 

Draw 5/2

Manchester United 9/10  


Andre Marriner


Eddie Howe (Bournemouth)

Jose Mourinho (Manchester United)

Head-to-head league record:

Bournemouth 2 

Draw 2

Manchester United 6

Recent league form (latest result first): 

Bournemouth LLLDL 

Manchester United  WDWLW

TV info:

Sky Sports 1/HD1 on Sunday from 12.30pm

Bournemouth are unbeaten in their last four home meetings with Manchester United in all competitions (W2 D2 L0), including a 2-1 Premier League win in 2015-16.

Four of United’s five opening day defeats in the Premier League have come away from home.

These two teams faced each other in the final match of the 2015-16 Premier League season (3-1 to Man Utd) – there are only 89 days between that match and this fixture.

Wayne Rooney has scored more goals on the opening weekend than any other player currently playing in the Premier League (6).

Jose Mourinho has won six and drawn one of his previous seven Premier League opening matchday fixtures.

The Cherries lost all five of the Premier League games that they played on a Sunday in 2015-16.

Mkhitaryan assisted the most goals (15) & created the third highest amount of chances (83) in the German Bundesliga last season.

Ibrahimovic scored 38 goals in 31 league games for Paris Saint Germain in French Ligue 1 last season – the only player in the big five European leagues to score more was Luis Suarez (40 for Barcelona).

Ibrahimovic scored in 23 different league games last season for PSG – the only player in the big five Euro leagues to score in more was Gonzalo Higuaín (25).

These two teams faced each other in the final match of the 2015-16 Premier League season 

These two teams faced each other in the final match of the 2015-16 Premier League season